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IICRC Certified Firm

IICRC Certification: Being an IICRC Certified Firm sets them apart from competitors. Each line item on a Rocket estimate is supported by industry standards, eliminating the need for negotiation.

Xactimate Certified

Our certified estimators are experts in using Xactimate software ensuring that all estimates are prepared accurately and efficiently. We understand the importance of delivering timely and reliable estimates, enabling you to streamline your workflow and make informed decisions.

Growth & Education

Our dedication to continuous education guarantees that our Rocket estimators possess the knowledge and skills needed to tackle intricate projects and provide accurate estimates. With an unwavering commitment to ongoing learning, we can offer our clients the utmost professionalism and precision in the industry.

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This is what distinguishes us from our rivals. Our foundation is built on years of experience and a thorough understanding of industry best practices. Each line item on a Rocket estimate is supported by industry standards, providing solid justification and eliminating the need for negotiation. 

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